Anti-reflective coatings

In order to guarantee a long life of the lenses and to improve their optical properties, OPHTHALMICA develops and applies technically sophisticated coatings that protect the lenses against scratches and dust.

In addition, these coatings minimise disturbing light reflections, are anti-static to repel dust and therefore ensure an optimal visual comfort.

OPHTHALMICA offers a multitude of coating options, according to the customers’ personal lifestyles and their needs - from high-tech antireflective coatings to trendy sun-lens mirrors.

State-of-the-art Nano-coating technology for high-quality lenses

All OPHTHALMICA coatings provide the highest quality and long durability. In terms of its manufacturing technology, a spectacle lens coating consists of a multi-layer package of up to 8 extra-thin - only a few nanometers thick - layers on the front and backside of the lens.

OPHTHALMICA's coatings thus increase the visual comfort of the wearer and the durability of the lens with its highest quality "Made in Germany".

Our guarantee: All our coatings come with a 36-month coating guarantee.

Advantages of OPHTHALMICA Premium Anti-Reflection coatings:

Comfort and pure aesthetics

Effective scratch protection

Premium anti-reflective - for reflex reduction

Oleophobic - grease and dirt repellent

Hydrophobic - water repellent

Antistatic - dust repellent

OPHTHALMICA offers different antireflective coatings: