Medical filters and special filter lenses - the best protection for sensitive eyes

How do the Medical filters from OPHTHALMICA work?

Medical filters are special filter lenses that absorb and block harmful wavelengths to the eyes and cornea (the UV light and parts of the short wavelength blue light). Your eyes are protected.

Thus, glare is reduced and the visual contrast is significantly increased. This provides you with a relaxing and contrast-rich visual comfort. Commonly available protective lenses reduce the visible light relatively uniformly across the entire spectrum. With a special cut-off filter, a light component is cut off at a precisely defined point (e.g. 540 nm) and the short-wave light is absorbed below this point.

For which indications can medical and special filters be helpful?

  • General glare sensitivity
  • For eye diseases, e.g. Macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, retinitis pigmentosa, albinism, achromatopsia, aphakia. Post- cataract surgeries.
  • At increased glare sensitivity and reduced contrast vision
  • Pronounced photosensitivity (migraine, headache)
  • Therapies for the treatment of reading difficulties at children and teenagers / contrast-enhancing reading of book pages

OPHTHALMICA's medical and special filter lenses are available in more than 10 colours.

Our Special lenses are available in individual powers in indices 1.5 and 1.6 for all Bellevue and PRIMAVISTA progressive lenses, bifocal, trifocal or single-vision lenses - also with anti-reflective coatings OPH Satin, OPH Ideal+ and OPH Classic.


  • Contrast-enhancing visional experience
  • Reduced glare when suffering from glare sensitivity
  • 100% UVA & UVB protection up to 400 nm
  • Also available as RX correction lenses
  • Can be manufactured with all OPH single vision, multifocal and progressive lenses
  • Available in indices 1.5 and 1.6

OPHTHALMICA offers as well a fast and reliable glazing service.

Please note: Due to the colour-distorting effects, medical and special filters are generally not suitable for driving (exception: KF night yellow). For sport lenses we recommend our wide selection of sport contrast-enhancing colours.

Medical and special filter testing with flippers and clips

The effect of a medical and special filter lens is different for each person and wearing these lenses should be done in close consultation with your optician.

The appropriate medical and special filter must be individually tested to best suit your needs, such as: a KF 525 special filter may provide the desired contrast enhancement for one patient, but another patient with the same indication prefers the KF 550.

That is why OPHTHALMICA also offers medical and special filter flippers and clips so that you can try out the desired lenses.

Kantenfilter Set

Increase your visual comfort with OPHTHALMICA medical and special filter clips

Suitable for clients who would like to try out medical and special filters or just prefer wearing clips over their normal spectacle lenses. All OPHTHALMICA medical and special filter lenses are also available as clips. On request also with polarization effects.


  • Filter clip-ons easily to be flipped up
  • Individual clip width / height
  • Including a protective case

New ! Aurora 1 and Aurora 2: Our contrast filters for clients suffering from migraine and headaches

Aurora 1 and Aurora 2 are filter lenses that were specially developed for people with light sensitivity caused by migraines. They reduce the transmission of the wavelength range around 480 nm. This range of light is felt to be very unpleasant, especially in the case of migraine-related photosensitivity.



  • Available in gradations of 22% and 37% absorption
  • Mitigating disturbing light sources (e.g. screens/ceiling spotlights)
  • Can provide relief from headaches and migraines
  • Traffic and traffic light compatible
  • Available as flippers and clip, so you can easily test the effect of the filter lenses with your customers