Near Comfort lenses

What are OPHTHALMICA Near Comfort lenses good for?

Our working and living habits make us sit increasingly longer at desks and work several hours a day in front of computers / monitors. For the right choice of lenses, it is therefore important to ask for the patients’ viewing habits and requirements.

OPHTHALMICA's near comfort lenses are custom-made to meet individual customer requirements.

NEW! Espace - The new office lens for office & home

This office lens is perfectly designed for the near and the far range of up to 4 meters.

Espace provides you with a previously unattainable perception of space and is "the lens" for open-plan offices and your home office. Even more distant areas in the office can be clearly seen "far-reaching and expansive”.


To be ordered with the far value. Max Add +3.0 dpt

  • Centering recommendation: order according to the far value / centering cross on the center of the pupil
  • Brilliant visual comfort with wide near and intermediate vision zones
  • High spontaneous tolerance guaranteed
  • Can be optimised to the respective personally desired viewing distance
  • Available with blue light protection Deep Blue UV 420 in indices 1.6 & 1.67

Bellevue Office

The Bellevue Office is a high-tech freeform inner side progressive lens designed for everyday work in the office and on screens. The vision areas can be individually designed up to 4 meters.

The degressions with dynamic effect are freely selectable from -0.5 dpt to - 2.0 dpt in 0.1 dpt increments.


  • Universally applicable office - progressive lens
  • Relaxed and comfortable visual experience up to 4 m distance
  • Ideal complement to everyday bifocals

Excellent supplement with UV 420 nm blue protection material for protection against harmful short-wave blue light.

Bellevue Relax

The Relax lens is an aspheric, custom-made single-vision lens with a broad, comfortable near zone support.

The innovative designed near zone allows the wearer to enjoy a smooth, barely perceptible progression zone. This smooth innovative design help the eyes to adapt easier and faster to any situations. The eyes and the brain are therefore enjoying a more relaxed vision.

The technology of Relax consist of a single vision lens produced with the advanced freeform technology. The near powers available with RELAX are as follows:
0.5 / 0.6 / 0.7 / 0.8 / 0.9 / 1.0 / 1.1 / 1.2 dpt.

The Relax lens is also often used as a DEEP BLUE UV 420 blue protective lens for the use of digital devices.


  • Excellent vision in all zones
  • Wide range of additions from 0.5 - 1.2 dpt.
  • Individual parameters PD, VD, PT and FAW/BA possible
  • Ideally suitable for all customers from the age of 30 years
  • Facilitates the subsequent introduction to progressive lenses
  • High prisms and cylinders possible

Access - The reliable standard near vision lens

The Access is a well-established and trusted standard near lens with extended intermediate and near vision. It is therefore an ideal solution for many situations with a required good vision for the near or medium distance zone. Ideal for working at the computer.

Available in two options:

  • Type A (power reduction: 0.75 dpt) for presbyope clients usually under 50 years
  • Type B (power reduction: 1.25 dpt) for presbyope clients usually above 50 years