Sustainability / Protection of the environment

We take care of the protection of our environment

The protection of the environment and the sustainable use of natural resources are important to us. OPHTHALMICA Brillengläser not only talk about environmental protection and sustainability, but have been practicing it for a long time.

Three measures that we are proud of:

Our building

Green Roof
Our extensively planted green roof has an array of environmental benefits such as absorbing rain water, improving the thermal insulation of our production facility and saving energy for the air conditioning.

Ecology and nature conversation
In addition, the green roof significantly improves the microclimate. Moreover, our OPHTHALMICA company building is in close proximity to a natural reserve: bees and beneficial insects feel comfortable on our premises!

Sustainable geothermal energy
Another contribution of our company to the conservation of limited fossil resources is the use of geothermal energy for heating and cooling. The earth's atmosphere is thus not polluted with carbon dioxide. Do you see any chimney?

In the office

We use machines, office equipment and lighting that are energy efficient.

The OPHTHALMICA team is working on a continuous reduction of printing paper. We are happy to send digitalised invoices and other documents to our customers via e-mail.

We deliberately renounce any guaranty plastic cards and any unnecessary promotional plastic materials in consideration of the environment.

Naturschutz Brandenburg

Sustainability with non fossil materials: Our glass in the Hi-Index 1.74

Our plant-based Hi-Index 1.74 material produces 14% fewer greenhouse gas emissions during product manufacture than traditional petroleum-derived/plastic-derived materials. The quality and product properties are the same as with previous semi-finished glasses made from petroleum.

Mineral lenses production

Mineral glass has been the traditional material for spectacle lenses for centuries. The material consists of a special combination of quartz, soda and lime. It is more environmentally friendly than organic or plastic lenses because it is manufactured without any synthetic additives and is more environmental friendly due to its recyclability.