How does polarization work?

Scientific research has shown that glare can reduce the driver's visual acuity by up to 30%.

Polarised lenses noticeably improve visual comfort and provide better contrast by reducing glare. The technology of polarisation blocks the dazzling horizontal radiation. No other lens or tint or coating can currently achieve this result in a better way.

In the car

With polarisation - Without polarisation

At the waterside

With polarisation - Without polarisation

In the mountains

With polarisation - Without polarisation

OPHTHALMICA has a wide range of polarized lenses in the colors brown, gray, G15 and Polar Road.

NuPolar® Infinite Grey™ - polarized and phototropic lens

This versatile sunscreen lens combines polarisation and photochromic technology to provide the widest spectrum of absorption possible. NuPolar® Infinite Grey ™ is the perfect sun protection lens, as well as for the sporty wearer of lenses.

NuPolar® Infinite Grey™ offers the widest possible range of light transmission with 99% polarisation while blocking out unwanted reflections.

With NuPolar® Infinite Grey ™ it is possible to wear prescription sunglasses anytime during the day while enjoying the benefits of polarization (blocking the glare). NuPolar® Infinite Gray ™ can be both, the brightest and the darkest polarized lenses in the same prescription sunglasses with superb visual comfort and glare-free vision.

Wearers of lenses can now enjoy a more comfortable look during different weather conditions. They offer surprisingly good transparency in the brightest state with 60% absorption and maximum protection against intense sunlight in the darkest state with 91% absorption.

Why are NuPolar® Infinite Grey lenses so suitable?

  • Block glare in any weather
  • Intelligent and fast fading (darker or lighter) depending on the light conditions
  • Improve the vision and enhances contrasts
  • The lenses do not have to be changed every time the light changes
  • Aesthetic grey shades in a single lens

NuPolar® Infinite Grey is available in the 1.5 index, as a freeform progressive, relax and single-vision lens.

Transitions® DRIVEWEAR®

Transitions® DRIVEWEAR® sunglass lenses are the ideal lenses for driving during the day. The lens combines two of the most advanced technologies in the eyewear industry: NuPolar polarization and photochromic technology.

The NuPolar polarization eliminates glare from the road or the hood. Transitions' self-tinting technology adapts the color and tint to the changing light conditions.


  • The lenses adjust their ideal degree of tinting to every driving situation
  • Fast darkening and brightening - very short reaction time
  • Good visual comfort due to contrast-enhancing color
  • Glare is switched off by the Nu-polar polarization filter
  • Absorb 100% of the UVA and UVB rays

Transitions® DRIVEWEAR® lenses are available on all OPHTHALMICA prescription lenses - single, freeform, conventional progressive and bifocal lenses. Drivewear lenses turn from a green / yellow base to a dark reddish brown. These glasses are not suitable for night driving. NB: Green / Yellow provide strong contrasts in low light. A copper tone lets you better recognize traffic signals in bright sunlight. A dark reddish brown is especially pleasant in strong sunlight.