Blue light protection

Nowadays, our eyes are increasingly exposed to shortwave blue light - through LED lamps, fluorescent tubes, smartphones, tablets, flat screens, xenon lights, etc. OPHTHALMICA offers effective solutions to protect the eyes.

This short-wave blue light (UV and blue-violet rays 400-450 nm) is very energetic and, according to medical research, can pose a long-term risk to the retina, damage it and lead to eye diseases such as age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and cataracts.

OPHTHALMICA offers effective solutions to protect the eyes.


The Deep Blue UV 420 provides the perfect protection for the eyes from UV light and harmful blue light up to 420 nm.

The effective UV protection is embedded in the organic material and is therefore more stable than traditional blue coatings, which are applied as an anti-reflection coating on the surface of the lenses.

The Deep Blue UV 420 lens is available in a variety of design combinations: single-vision, Relax Wellness, Freeform Bellevue lenses, Office and progressive PRIMAVISTA.

The Deep Blue UV 420 lens is not only suitable for adults, but also ideal for teenagers and children who use electronic media (tablets) at school and also in their spare time and who are exposed to artificial light indoors.


  • 100% protection against harmful blue light (420 nm)
  • 100% UV protection (380-400 nm)
  • Useful blue light (460-465 nm) is transmitted
  • Available in various design combinations for all strengths, Relax, Bellevue glasses, Office, PRIMAVISTA

Indices (organic)

  • 1.5 (stock lens)
  • 1.6 and 1.67 (custom made)


For many years, OPHTHALMICA also offers the well-established BV antireflective coating to reduce harmful blue-violet radiation in the eyes.

This BV-BLOCKER reflects about 20-30% of the blue-violet light (420 nm)  on the convex side, protecting the retina and preventing it from being damaged.

Together with the discrete blue residual reflection on the convex side, the OPHTHALMICA super-reflective coating BALI is located on the concave inside to guarantee optimal reflection reduction of the back light.

All lenses are provided with hard lacquer and the clean coat layer.

The BV-BLOCKER is suitable for adults, teenagers and children and is available in various design combinations: for all corrections, Relax, Bellevue glasses, Office, PRIMAVISTA.


  • Reflection of blue harmful light on the convex side of the lens
  • Transparent for useful blue light
  • Reduction of UV radiation on the eye due to limited reflection on the inside of the lens
  • 100% UV protection (380-400 nm)
  • Super AR including antistatic layer to reduce dust adhesion
  • Light blue residual reflection and dirt-repellent clean-coat layer