Single vision

Freeform, Traditional and ECO

OPHTHALMICA offers freeform single-vision (aspheric) lenses in organic and conventional single-vision lenses (spherical) in both organic and mineral material.

Freeform: Premium individual Freeform

The premium individual aspheric single-vision lens offers maximum visual comfort through visual focus optimisation.

The premium freeform single-vision lens is generated with an aspheric back surface allowing a fantastic visual comfort compared to traditional single vision lenses. Individual parameters and our state-of-the-art freeform technology enables significantly higher precision, greater vision and wide visual zones for a clearer and better visual experience than traditional lenses.

Your customer enjoys a noticeable upgrade compared to traditional single vision lenses.


  • Individual premium single-vision lens, optimised view and use, for maximum visual comfort
  • Significantly thinner and lighter lenses than traditional single-vision lenses
  • Manufactured with state-of-the-art freeform technology
  • Reduced aberrations
  • Optimised calculation for the position of use

The following personal individual parameters are required:
Pupillary distance (PD), vertex distance (VD), pantoscopic tilt (PT), frame wrap angle (FWA)/bow angle (BA) (FSW), frame data

Standard: Standard Freeform

The aspheric standard freeform single-vision lens offers a great well-balanced image and a precise visual comfort even to the rim of the lens. This single-vision lens is generated with an aspheric back surface. Standard parameters are used.


  • Cosmetically thinner and lighter lenses than traditional single vision lenses
  • Premium single vision lenses with state-of-the-art freeform technology
  • Better image sharpness
  • Best clear and precise vision
  • Wide visual zones for high visual comfort

KONV: Traditional single vision lenses - Organic / Mineral

Our traditional spherical lenses “Made in Germany” with flat base curves has a spherical front surface and a spherical or toric back surface, which offers a good image quality. Available in organic and mineral material.


  • wide range of lenspowers with complete coating options
  • Made in Germany
  • Combination with colours, Transitions® VII, polarization, Drivewear® available (organic)
  • Mineral lenses: good alternative to organic with good scratch resistance, stability at high temperatures and resistance towards many chemicals
Unic KONV: Konventionelle Einstärkengläser

Unic Standard mineral lenses are available in indices from 1.5 through to 1.9 and in photochromic.

ECO: single vision lenses at a competitive price

OPHTHALMICA offers a wide range of single vision lenses (organic and mineral) which meet the highest quality standards. You also benefit from our fast next-day delivery service.


  • Wide range of powers
  • Next day delivery
  • Super AR coatings included with indices: 1.5 - 1.6 - 1.67
Unic ECO: Fertig Einstärken Klassik

Stockline: organic single vision stock lenses at a competitive price

UV 420 DEEP BLUE blue light protection

Nowadays, our eyes are increasingly exposed to shortwave blue light - through LED lamps, fluorescent tubes, smartphones, tablets, flat screens, xenon lights, etc. OPHTHALMICA offers effective solutions for a better protection of your eyes.

UV 420 DEEP BLUE in Index 1.5 offers an effective and economical way for the perfect protection. The effective UV protection is embedded in the material of the lens (no coating) and therefore benefits from a longer life longevity.

Students who often work with electronic media or under artificial light will greatly benefit from wearing the UV 420 DEEP BLUE lenses.


  • 100% protection against harmful blue light (420 nm)
  • 100% UV protection
  • Useful blue light (460-465 nm) is transmitted
  • Super-coating, antistatic, scratch-resistant, hyper-hydrophobic (water repellent) and hyper-oleophobic (dust repellent) – named SATIN

Index 1.76 Single vision lens - the world’s thinnest lens

Unique in Germany and in our lens program: the world's thinnest single-vision lens in the 1.76 index. This lens is made of a technologically innovative material and is ideal for drilling and edging.


  • Aesthetic flat lens design
  • High-resolution vision even in the border areas
  • Super-coating, antistatic, scratch-resistant, hyper-hydrophobic (water repellent) and hyper-oleophobic (dust repellent) - named SATIN