Guarantees & Warranties

The satisfaction of your customers is our top priority.

That's why we guarantee that the manufacturing process of each lens is a closely monitored process, using the latest and most innovative manufacturing and coating technologies.

The production of a spectacle lens is a technologically complex process and only when our trained personnel 100% is satisfied, our high quality lenses leave the production plant.

Quality control

The manufacturing of OPHTHALMICA lenses is subject to a careful multi-level quality control procedure during the production process and prior shipping. A machine-vision control unit verifies the correct progressive-power designs.


Compatibility guaranty 6 months

Progressive lenses enjoy an increasing popularity, combining a pleasant visual comfort with the best aesthetics. That's why we offer our customers a 6-month compatibility guaranty on all branded progressive lenses. If the compatibility guaranty is claimed, the optometrist partner will receive a replacement product following an in-depth consultation - at no extra cost.

Highest coating quality - 36 months surface warranty

With OPHTHALMICA's improved anti-reflective coating compositions, our lenses achieve even better durability including a 36 months warranty on the surfaces when customer treat the lenses properly.