NEW! Voyage – Premium progressive lens of an amazing quality

Your journey to a new vision experience

As the latest member of our varifocal family, the Voyage lens combines the advantages of the Bellevue design and Relax in one lens.

Compared to other high-end progressive lens types, it is characterised by significantly lower surface astigmatism peaks.

In combination with our blue protection material Deep Blue UV 420, using digital devices like tablets and smartphones, Voyage provides a more relaxing visual experience.


  • Spontaneous feel-good experience from the first use thanks to the extra-soft design
  • Reduced aberrations even at higher additions
  • Large lateral distance ranges, perfect for drivers
  • Optimised near comfort zones thanks to use-optimised near comfort zones
  • Innovative & state-of-the-art progressive lens also for everyday multimedia use
  • Very good spontaneous compatibility even with higher cylinders
  • Made in Germany with innovative freeform technology

Elegance - Premium progressive lenses of the latest generation “Wellness while seeing”

The new Elegance varifocals lens is an innovative “Wellness while seeing” freeform progressive lens with excellent visual comfort for the whole day and when using digital devices.

The new Elegance is an internally high technology progressive lens. It is characterised by a multi-aspherical, individualised glass design with a unique surface geometry.

By combining an innovative manufacturing technology with more detailed mathematical surface calculations, limitations of previous free-form designs of progressive lenses are hugely reduced: aberrations (distortions) are optimised up to the edge of the lens, the aberrations are reduced to a minimum, the clarity and sharpness of the lens Images are improved in all visual zones, the binocular comfort increases noticeably. The wearer enjoys a more natural and elegant viewing experience - “wellness while seeing”.

Glass Benefits

  • Innovative & ultra-modern varifocals for the everyday use of digital devices
  • Spontaneous wellbeing experience thanks to extra soft designs
  • Minimally aberrations even with higher additions
  • Optimised comfort in the near zone
  • Excellent spontaneous compatibility even when swapping designs

Who is Elegance suitable for?

- Active people with demanding visual requirements, inkl. Digital devices

- From 40 years and for swapping from other progressive lens designs

- Universally usable for the most diverse everyday situations

Elegance is available in organic 1.5 / 1.6 / 1.67 and mineral 1.6 / 1.7 / 1.8

Bellevue and Primavista progressive lenses

The Bellevue progressive lens is our premium freeform progressive lens with an aspherical individualised design. The result of intensive development work with the help of mathematical algorithms in connection with high-tech freeform generators, we manufacture the high quality Bellevue progressive lens in our plant in Germany.

All Bellevue progressive lenses are “made in Germany”, offering the widest and clearest vision in all zones. They also have excellent imaging qualities and have an excellent spontaneous compatibility.

The Primavista freeform progressive lens is the ideal all-round lens for daily customer use. The use of standard parameters reflects the attractive price, making the Primavista lenses the ideal complement to the Bellevue range.

Bellevue Individual progressive lenses

Available in 4 designs

The Bellevue Individual progressive lens is a premium lens with high-tech surface designs for different requirements: CD, UD, HD, EVOLUTION
Up to 4 progression lengths with individual parameters considering PD, VD, PT and FWA/BA

Bellevue Office

The Bellevue Office is a high-tech freeform inner side progressive lens designed for everyday work in the office and on screens. The vision areas can be individually designed up to 4 meters.
The degressions with dynamic effects are freely selectable from -0.5 dpt to - 2.0 dpt in 0.1 dpt increments.


  • Universally applicable office - progressive lens
  • Relaxed and comfortable visual experience up to 4 m distance
  • Ideal complement to everyday bifocals Excellent supplement with UV 420 nm blue protection material for protection against harmful short-wave blue light
Bellevue Office

Primavista - the comfort progressive lens with standard parameters

The PRIMAVISTA freeform glass is the ideal all-round glass for daily customer use. It offers a comfortable and larger vision in all zones. Technology wise, the PRIMAVISTA is an inner side progressive lens manufactured on state-of-the-art generators and polishers in Germany. Standard parameters are used which result in a soft design with very good spontaneous compatibility at an attractive price.

In addition, the PRIMAVISTA is the ideal complement to the premium progressive lenses of the Bellevue series.


  • Excellent for the quality-conscious wearer of lenses, who does not want to forego the quality "Made in Germany"
  • Very good spontaneous compatibility with a 100% compatibility guarantee
  • Soft progressive lens design with smooth transition zones
  • Available in organic 1.5 / 1.6 / 1.67, also with blue protection DEEP BLUE UV 420