Sport lenses

OPHTHALMICAs sport lenses are suitable for a variety of sports and high-curve versions. They offer a high and optimal visual comfort in all areas. They also combine perfect protection against harmful UV radiation, glare, wind and dust. The sport lenses are available in different powers and materials.

Sailing, driving, skiing, tennis, golf, cross-country and hiking, jogging, cycling, fishing, shooting ... we offer the lens for your favourite sport.


When developing the OPH SPORT lenses, the design was adapted to the high curves to optimise the best performance in all sporting situations. OPH SPORT HD is manufactured with state-of-the-art freeform technology in Germany, a guarantee of premium quality for your lenses.

Our numerous colors and filters allow you to order highly customized lenses with optimal visual performance.

OPHTHALMICA is also pleased - on request - to develop your individual contrast colors.


  • Light-weight lenses
  • High curves
  • State-of-the-art freeform technology
  • Individual parameters
  • Extremely wide vision areas
  • Best visual performance for all sports situations
  • UV protection and polarisation
  • Contrast colours for less glare
  • Numerous sun colours and filters
  • Made in Germany


OPH Sport HD lenses are available as aspheric single vision and progressive lenses - available up to the curve 8.