Mirror lenses

Mirror coated lenses - Premium Quality Made in Germany - with numerous lifestyle colours

OPHTHALMICA's stylish mirrored lenses not only look chic and trendy, they also provide efficient 100% UV protection. Ideal also for sport and leisure activities.


Astro flash - mirror coating

Summer in Berlin, Brighton or in the Bahamas: All organic lenses in the indices 1.5 and 1.6 are available with the Astroflash mirror coating in the colours red, green, blue, gold and silver.

Mirror polarisation lenses

With its three new Mirror polarisation lenses, OPHTHALMICA offers a great combination of the highest visual comfort with contrast - enhancing polarisation and trendy mirror - coating colours. 100% UV protection and guaranteed lower glare thanks to the innovative polarisation technology!

Our mirror polarisation lenses are available in BLUE, SILVER and GOLD.

NuPolar MIRROR Silver
NuPolar MIRROR Gold

How does the polarisation work?

Polarised lenses noticeably improve the visual comfort and provide a more contrast-rich vision by effectively reducing disturbing glare effects (rain-wet roads, low sun, reflection on the water surface). The technology of polarisation blocks the dazzling horizontal radiation of the light spectrum. Including 100% UV protection guarantee.

OPHTHALMICA has a wide range of polarised lenses in the shades brown, grey, G15, Polar Road, Drivewear and the Mirror coatings (including polarisation).